Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why do people wait?

 And last Sunday the text message came...

Need to find a home for "mare".

Now, a year ago "mare" was given to a young woman who was a working student for a trainer. She had been working with "mare" under said trainer for a year or so.  Mare was the picture of health. Good weight, appropriate supplement's, feet up to date, vetting done regularly.

 (Girl is in her late 20s,  good job, articulate and charming).

Girl and the trainer have a falling out. Girl decides to move mare to her parents home where her father immediately decided he didn't want her to have run of the back yard.  They fence her off a 40 x 40 paddock, throw up a blue tarp between some poles and I believe that was the last time she was taken our of the 40x40 pen.

She has been confined in there for 8 months. In Florida, In the sun, In a sandlot.

I went from upset to pissed in 2.2 seconds after seeing the mare and her surroundings.  (I cried..uncontrollably) 

Her feet have not been tended too, she is a rack of bones, her coat is ....well, I could go on and on.  Girl  hacked off her tail rather than take the time to comb it out, same with the mane, gave us a full unopened bag of cheap corn based feed, can not tell us how much she was getting nor what kind of hay she was on. She can not find coggins, worming records, registration papers...............

 WHY DID SHE WAIT TO CALL?? Why Why Why   I have seen this young lady several times a month. Loaned her books, sat with her at shows, chatted with her many many times about the horse.  The whole time she knew she was starving this animal hidden in her back yard!


Ok...... thanks for letting me vent. Important thing is mare is now safe, her medical needs have been addressed, her feet will take a year to repair with good trims, She is on good hay free choice and small meals throughout the day. She will heal.  She has people now who care and she will be loved and cherished. Happy ending for mare!