Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hubby and me!

                                                             Had a great ride tonight!


                                                              WOOOO HOOOO!!!!  

                                The girls and I have bought our tickets and planned our escape!

                                                            Kentucky....here we come! 

                                                This is exactly how I feel! I am so excited!

 This will be my 2nd visit to the Kentucky Horse Park.

There is so much to take in! I hope we manage a day to explore the park itself!
I am saving my money........ because you know the vendors at Rolex are like no other! Rather than bringing home random junk I would like something useful like a dressage bridle just for John. His is made from 3 donor bridles....lol. It fits and it works but he deserves his very own. He wears a cob but he has a chubby face and the noseband has to be fullsize. Like his momma!

84 days and counting! 

We are doing a dressage test this weekend at a schooling show. After our last test I feel much better about this one. I am anxious to see if John is as Up Up UP as he was at Rocking Horse. This time I am ready and have a few new tools in my belt to deal with him and all that energy.

Hubby is doing his first western dressage test. His horse is a rock star and they should do well together. He is not happy about wearing a helmet but TOO BAD. No one at our barn wears one except me. Maybe I am the only one afraid of cracking my skull and being fed baby food? I am glad the show requires it and he picked out the one he is willing to wear.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend at Longwood Farms South

Just beautiful views!

 D tacked up and we headed over to walk XC. I immediately wrecked the dirtbike into a fence. Dont worry, the fence and dirtbike are fine. I have a perfect 6" bruise on my left arm and my right wrist is jammed but I untangled myself and we forged on. Stupid bike, why didn't I bring my horse? At least I can drive that!

This place is just beautiful. Everywhere you look is manicured.

                     I will post more this evening!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I am sad...But I have learned yet another valuable lesson! People can be mean and discouraging and intimidating. (as they are taking your money and being polite to your face)  Oh well, there will be other shows and I know who my friends are. They are the best! They are encouraging, supportive, motivational and I am lucky to have them on my side.

I just got done pulling John and myself from the show. I will still be going to act as groom, photographer and cheerleader for D.  I am looking forward to seeing the facility and the top level riders and horses that are sure to be competing.

John and I have more work to do and we will be ready in the future. I am looking forward to the next dressage show where my husband will also be competing in western dressage. We will  also be entering the March 3rd jumper show to test our stadium skills!

My next post will be full of pictures and details of the show!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

BAD case of nerves!

Yep, I feel ill everytime I think of the schooling show thats quickly approaching!

I have had several lessons and John is doing great......but.....I am still a wreck!

We are doing beginner novice Jan. 22 in Ocala.
 Never been to the facility but I hear it is one of the best.

Of course my schedule is busy busy the next 2 weeks, so I will be riding before daylight every morning.

I feel truly blessed to be able to start my day at the barn with my horse!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  Mine was BUSY! Worked up till 2pm on Christmas eve. Cooked,  cleaned and decorated for 25 guests for Christmas dinner. It was 85 degrees and beautiful here for Christmas. Had a great day with  friends, family and neighbors! My son was in from school in PA. We made a trip to see the other kids on the other side of the state and had a great day visiting with them.
                                                       (Fred the rescue cat in his new home)
Temps dropped to 35 last night. How rude! LOL Supposed to be 30 tonight so everything that's green and tropical has to be covered today. I love my yard with all the lush vegetation except for the few nights that I have to pull out drop cloths and sheets and cover a half acre to protect it from freezing.

Rode Johnny Cash for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday with yet another new trainer! She was great! Affordable!  I feel very lucky to have found  trainers to work with on jumping and dressage. Both are very knowledgeable and come to my barn.

I officially put my real estate career on hold yesterday. I am working with a great agent at the office and only doing referral work. WHAT A RELIEF! I have been struggling with this decision for a long time and now that it has been done I am very relieved. I like to think I will go back to it one day and be successful again.
                                           ( Happy November orchid that smells AMAZING )

Haven't made any resolutions really. I just plan to continue being healthy as possible, riding often and enjoying all the blessings in my life!

Happy New year friends! Hope that 2012 is everything you want and more!