Tuesday, January 31, 2012


                                                              WOOOO HOOOO!!!!  

                                The girls and I have bought our tickets and planned our escape!

                                                            Kentucky....here we come! 

                                                This is exactly how I feel! I am so excited!

 This will be my 2nd visit to the Kentucky Horse Park.

There is so much to take in! I hope we manage a day to explore the park itself!
I am saving my money........ because you know the vendors at Rolex are like no other! Rather than bringing home random junk I would like something useful like a dressage bridle just for John. His is made from 3 donor bridles....lol. It fits and it works but he deserves his very own. He wears a cob but he has a chubby face and the noseband has to be fullsize. Like his momma!

84 days and counting! 

We are doing a dressage test this weekend at a schooling show. After our last test I feel much better about this one. I am anxious to see if John is as Up Up UP as he was at Rocking Horse. This time I am ready and have a few new tools in my belt to deal with him and all that energy.

Hubby is doing his first western dressage test. His horse is a rock star and they should do well together. He is not happy about wearing a helmet but TOO BAD. No one at our barn wears one except me. Maybe I am the only one afraid of cracking my skull and being fed baby food? I am glad the show requires it and he picked out the one he is willing to wear.


  1. In England everyone wears a helmet pretty much.

    1. Its just crazy not to wear one! My horse doesn't care about my helmet hair! Thats why I love the barn! LOL Its pure vanity here not to wear one....Crazy!