Sunday, February 26, 2012!

I haven't been riding. Hardly have had a moment to spend at the barn with my boy! This week is not looking to be much better time wise.

I sure do miss riding and just spending time with him!  It will let up and he has a huge paddock to roam in so he is not stall bound all day or night.

He gets many visitors during the day and I know he gets lunch and treats.

Makes me feel so guilty!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cash is now the boss?

Johnny Cash has asserted himself. He does now believe he is the boss. Chance is having issues accepting this!

I moved him 2 weeks ago. Seems he has become more independent and self assured. He does not call when Chance is out of sight any more. I have been keeping them apart even during turnout now. Cash was being very mean and somewhat aggressive in the pasture.

(We will be watching from the rail!!)
Nothing seems any different under saddle or in hand. I am curious to see what effect this has on his show day behavior. Our next outing is March 11th. Chance is showing and I will be riding Cash around. No point paying for classes when last time I just threw money away. I will take him places and expose him to different crowds and when he has some composure we will go back to the dressage ring.
                                                    (Looking forward to doing more of this!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rearranged! Take that herd bound boy!

Yep, Mr. Johnny Cash has been rearranged! I spent several hours yesterday moving his living quarters to the other end of the barn. FAR FAR AWAY from the horses we frequently travel to shows with. I am looking into turning him out with horses that never leave the property just to distance them even further!

I took him out for a trail ride Tuesday. He was a good boy. We rode about a mile from the barn, stopped at A's arena and did some trot work, visited with Harley's mom and Snappy the Arab. Came back via the canals and back roads of our neighborhood. (The only jerk who didn't slow down or give us room was the mail man of all people. I was waiting for him today when he dropped the mail. He won't soon do it again. I bet he gives horses in the neighborhood a wide birth from now on.)  I had my horse back.. He was same ol same ol LAZY JOHNNY!  Never had to argue and hardly spooky at all. Funny the things that do get snorts. Like pine cones...really? You live with them in the pasture but somehow on a trail the look scary?

I am hoping that doing these things will help him be more independent and less reliant on his buds at the barn when we go to shows.  I can't believe how he acted at the show last weekend and I am in no rush to repeat it! Any suggestions on helping  herd bound horses be,  well,   less herd or buddy bound?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

More ribbons! 2 pink 2 white!

What a day! We packed last night and were at the barn at 5 this morning. 

Horses fed and braided and off to the show!

Arrive at the show and half the braid has undone itself.

Immediately tack up and start to warm up and my horse was a MANIAC! I am sure after 2 or 3 hundred shows my boy will settle down.

My husbands horse was a SAINT! AMAZING! WONDERFUL!

I was so worried about him because we have never had him in this environment, Not sure why I worried, he acted like he had been in this arena every day. Hubby had tons of help from friends getting tacked up and he was in good hands!

Johnny and I did our intro A and got a 58. I will take it cause its better than the 50 we got last month. We then did our B and scored a 48....BOOO!

He decided he was going to call, and call, and call and call.... hubby's horse and have a full blown temper tantrum meltdown deluxe.

I did my best to get his attention and resume our test but I didn't do so hot. The judge was very kind in her remarks about him not being confidant.

Hubby and his horse were amazing for there first show! They scored a 55.4 in Western Basic 1 and a 60.5 in Western Basic 2!!!

They probably would have done better if my boy hadn't been so distracting.......

I am sun burnt and exhausted but Blessed beyond belief! What a great day with my husband, horses and friends!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

7:30 am....really?

Well, I have ridden early, very early,       but I wasn't being judged!

Much less dressed, braided and trailered across the county....
Talk about inspiration to work our behinds off so we can advance and ride later in the day...HEHE

 Our first test of the day Sunday is at 7 flippin 30 AM!

Can you say...Sonya needs COFFEE???

....Well, at least it will be done and we can relax and watch our friends show there stuff!