Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cash is now the boss?

Johnny Cash has asserted himself. He does now believe he is the boss. Chance is having issues accepting this!

I moved him 2 weeks ago. Seems he has become more independent and self assured. He does not call when Chance is out of sight any more. I have been keeping them apart even during turnout now. Cash was being very mean and somewhat aggressive in the pasture.

(We will be watching from the rail!!)
Nothing seems any different under saddle or in hand. I am curious to see what effect this has on his show day behavior. Our next outing is March 11th. Chance is showing and I will be riding Cash around. No point paying for classes when last time I just threw money away. I will take him places and expose him to different crowds and when he has some composure we will go back to the dressage ring.
                                                    (Looking forward to doing more of this!)

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