Sunday, February 5, 2012

More ribbons! 2 pink 2 white!

What a day! We packed last night and were at the barn at 5 this morning. 

Horses fed and braided and off to the show!

Arrive at the show and half the braid has undone itself.

Immediately tack up and start to warm up and my horse was a MANIAC! I am sure after 2 or 3 hundred shows my boy will settle down.

My husbands horse was a SAINT! AMAZING! WONDERFUL!

I was so worried about him because we have never had him in this environment, Not sure why I worried, he acted like he had been in this arena every day. Hubby had tons of help from friends getting tacked up and he was in good hands!

Johnny and I did our intro A and got a 58. I will take it cause its better than the 50 we got last month. We then did our B and scored a 48....BOOO!

He decided he was going to call, and call, and call and call.... hubby's horse and have a full blown temper tantrum meltdown deluxe.

I did my best to get his attention and resume our test but I didn't do so hot. The judge was very kind in her remarks about him not being confidant.

Hubby and his horse were amazing for there first show! They scored a 55.4 in Western Basic 1 and a 60.5 in Western Basic 2!!!

They probably would have done better if my boy hadn't been so distracting.......

I am sun burnt and exhausted but Blessed beyond belief! What a great day with my husband, horses and friends!


  1. What do the pink and white ribbons signify? Why no photos of you? I am pleased you both had a good time.

  2. Zoe, Pink was 5th and white was 4th. Its not really a compitition against others but the judge scores on just you and your horse. They award ribbons for who gets the highest score in each class. We each got a 4th and a 5th. Also known as lowest score in each class. LOL I am waiting for photos from friends! Will post asap!

  3. Well done both of you. Human often goes with her human friends to watch dressage tests.