Saturday, April 7, 2012


Went to the barn this morning for a nice ride and to practice a few jumps. Weather is beautiful! Tack up, warm up, pop over a few jumps....  La, poof. I got off balance. Came off my horse and he struck the back of my helmet.

I caught my breath, borrowed hubbys helmet and popped over a few more jumps!

 As you can see if this had been my skull I would be in the hospital. Instead I am home, safe,  playing on the computer.   I am so glad I have my brains intact and today is an amazing day!  Just ordered a new helmet!
We all love you with helmet hair and want you to keep you around!

PLEASE wear your helmet EVERY RIDE!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

E is safe and I think she knows it!

What a difference 12 days can make!
Happy to report that L(girl) met E(horse) and decided to take a chance on her and has claimed E for her own.
E has been a super star so far. She has a cranky senior mare she shares a barn and 2 pastures with. She has learned her routine quickly and is very easy to be around on the ground. She is eating several small meals a day, Lots of hay and WATER! She appears to have filled in quite a bit just from drinking alone.
L has had the vet out to check her over and they have a plan for worming, vaccines etc. The farrier has snipped her toes back for now and will be making frequent visits to get her feet right. 
She is lucky! She has found a great place and will be nursed back to health and given a job!
There are so many others around here who are not so lucky. We hear about it every day and its so depressing.