Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Training Level

John and I moved up to training level. We are still dealing with him being super forward at shows. Its very frustrating to have such a rock solid horse at home and get to a show and deal with a crazy man under saddle.

We arrived a day early at the last show just to settle him in a bit. We had a lesson and walked all around the grounds. He was up but a good boy.

The next morning all that changed.  As the energy of the show built he felt it and his tension rose with it. He was not horrible. Better than the last show, so we are making progress. Our first try atTL2 was ugly. scored a 54 ....by the time we rode again he was wound down and we scored a 62 in TL 3.  We will take it!

We are doing our first rated show the end of Jan.  in the meantime we are going camping and trail riding!  Will let you know how that turns out!