Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ready for Fall already....

Wow, what a summer...Were all melting down here ...still. Its incredibly humid and just makes doing anything out side miserable.

Started riding again about 3 weeks ago and its going great! John seems to be glad to have a job to break the monotony of his days. I find that riding first thing every morning energises me for the entire day! Johnny is slowly coming back into condition...don't want to overdo it in this weather. He is being shown this coming weekend by someone else TL2 & 3.  He makes my horse look fabulous!

We bought a goose neck trailer w living quarters in May which meant we had to buy a truck to pull it with.  Good news is no one was killed by me in the process and my marriage survived the dealership experience. I just immediately have an anxiety induced attitude when it comes to car dealers...

We practiced trailer loading today and will have our first camping trip at the end of the month! I am so excited about visiting all our horse friendly state parks and giving John some arena free riding time. Should be a fun fall with great friends!

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