Friday, November 18, 2011

Ruined boots and a great ride!

These are the tall boots I got a great deal on a month ago. I dropped them off to have the soles repaired and zippers installed. Needless to say I am less than impressed with the workmanship. This shoe shop has been in our town for 20+ years and they are always busy. I waited 2 weeks for this to be done! When I questioned the work the owner told me "this is how we do it". I am sad but I will live, I will also bend every ear around town about this experience with them! 

John and I went to Grant yesterday and had a lesson in a small cross country field. He was a rock star! We discovered he is not amused by tadpole jumps and lobs himself over them. When raised to 2'9" he focuses on the jump and develops some form going over them. I got so lucky when I found him... he is such a good sport about everything!

Today and tomorrow we are working on our circles and transitions. Halting square and me posting on the right diagonal! UUUGH I am assured I will someday get it right every time but I don't believe it right now.

Sunday we have a stadium lesson....This should be interesting!

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