Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Johnny Cash and I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons!
He is so tolerant of my schenanigans!

It was 80 degrees here yesterday. I wore a light t-shirt to ride and we were both sweaty when our ride was over.
 Then about 8 last night the wind started to blow and the temp dropped to 55 with wind chills in the 30's.

What gives?  I have been trying to find the holiday spirit but its hard in Florida when its 85 degrees, hot and humid while your putting up the tree!

This morning I dug out the warm jods and thermal shirts. Took us 45 minutes to warm up and break a sweat. 

Breeze was still very cool after our ride, so I threw on his cooler and let him have some hay.

                                               (I think he was growling at me in this pic)

Our rides have not been fantastic since we got home from the show. I am never 100% sure of myself and that I am asking correctly so I let him get away with a lot of stuff.
I have a lesson on Sam next week. She is worth her weight in gold as a lesson horse and does not respond unless I am asking her correctly! I always leave my lessons on her feeling more assured and usually go right home and ride Cash, trying to apply the same aids and get a correct response.
I can see continuing lessons on her for a long long time!


  1. if you give me your email addy i'd like to exchange a package with you.

  2. Lytha, sorry for the delay, Getting out of 2011 was a challenge! LOL
    Message me at!