Sunday, October 16, 2011


                                                                               Well, the Florida weather is BEAUTIFUL right now! I had Saturday off except for horse sitting duty for a neighbor. She made my job so easy by having well behaved horses, an orderly barn and simplified feeding by mixing and bagging all meals for me. No guessing if I got all the suppliments in the right horse! Truly a pleasure to help her out!
The barn girls and I, 6 of us, all went for a "spa day".  We got pedicures and then breakfast. We all find it funny that we have regular farrier service for our horses and only have spa day for ourselves every 6 months or so.  All of us agree that we would take the tack shop over the mall any day.
We then had the 1st bon fire of the fall at the barn. The guys grilled brats and burgers and we all brought sides and it was delish!
 Of course my camera batteries were too weak to power the flash so I will have to document that some other time...

 My orchids are very happy!  I havent had this one bloom like this in 5 years.
One of our chickens is feeling good! She has really been outdoing herself. I believe it is a Rhode Island Red.

Today schedule was horse sit, 6 hour shift at the feed store, house warming party, horse sit and then my boys! Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who not only supports my horse addiction but has fallen victim to it as well. Jeff, like myself, would rather be at the barn than anywhere on earth. He is very much involved in his horse's care and has never complained when I need him to cover chores for me. I am a very lucky girl!

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